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Supporting yoga teachers and fitness professionals to teach pregnant women effectively.

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Carmela Cattuti expert prenatal yoga teacher and former labor and delivery nurse.

  • Are you a yoga teacher who wants to know more about teaching pregnant women and increase your impact in the world?
  • Are you a fitness professional who wants to know how to serve pregnant women better?
  • Do you want to add a prenatal class to your weekly schedule and increase your income?
  • Do you feel nervous when a pregnant woman comes in your general class?

Teaching prenatal yoga has been my passion for twenty years. I am excited to share my experience and knowledge base with teachers all over the planet. Pregnancy is not a pathology, it is a process. It is a journey that requires fluidity and focus. This program assists yoga instructors, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, and prenatal massage therapists to empower pregnant women through this journey. If you are ready to expand your practice and become known for your expertise in prenatal yoga, or you just want to know how to serve pregnant women as an expert, then this program is for you!

Introducing my 9 Module Program

Throughout this 9 Module program, you will receive all the information you need to be the expert in serving pregnant women in your practice.  Expand your services and reach the pregnant women in your community.

Each module is designed and delivered with comprehensive approach.

Introduction and Module 1

1-The purpose and power of prenatal yoga; how to create a safe space for prenatal students

2-The components to create that space-creating community, prenatal specific modifications, how to use the breath for labor and delivery

3-Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Module 2

1-The function and importance of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles in pregnancy and birth

2-Diastasis-common abdominal issue during pregnancy and how to check for it.

3-Abdominal and pelvic floor movements-how to do abdominal and pelvic floor movements specifically designed for pregnancy and birth

4-Physical issues during pregnancy

5-How to to an opening.

Module 3

1- Prenatal Yoga postures examined-photo library of common prenatal postures

2 - How to to an opening.

Module 4

1-The emotional issues during pregnancy and how to recognize them and how to recognize those issues in your class

2-Understandng the trimesters of pregnancy and how to address the challenges at each stage

3-Poses for stages in pregnancy

4-Endocrine System-prenatal hormones –enhance your prenatal teaching by an awareness of the hormone balance in prenatal women.

Module 5

1-Classic relaxation pose; prefect positioning for prenatal students

2-Sequencing-master the art of prenatal sequencing for the prenatal body.What you need to know…

3-Stages of labor- how yoga teaching relates to stages of labor

4-Difference between a general yoga class and a prenatal class

5-Creating a dynamic prenatal class that your students will love

6-Endocrine and Chakra Systems

Module 6

1-Contra-indicated poses

2-Use of props

3-Second part of prenatal posture sequence

Module 7

1-What to do when a pregnant student shows up in your general yoga class

2-Variation on basic prenatal yoga postures- postures with chair and wall

Module 8

1-Room Ambiance

2-Elements of a powerful visualization with sample relaxation in dead man’s pose

3-Become an expert teacher by teaching a multi-level prenatal class-how to address all levels, all trimester and all fitness levels in a prenatal class.

Bonus Module

1-How to serve women who have just given birth

2-Conclusion and on-going support

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  • manual in PDF form

  • Power point presentations of sequences

  • Videos of Sequences

  • Private facebook group

  • Live facebook trainings with Q& A

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    During the program, you will receive unlimited email support directly from me.

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Your Teacher, Carmela Cattuti

A pastel portrait of Carmela by Walt Roman

Carmela Cattuti's yoga teaching career began at age forty two. Opportunities for teaching came to her and a new career path presented itself. Her nursing background gave her a deep understanding of health and assisted in her study of Iyengar alignment and safety. After fourteen years of study she found that all her abilities merged and she could offer students a safe and vitality producing experience. She integrated her talent as an artist into her approach to postures and spiritual concepts. This approach added another layer to her presentation and execution of poses. Carmela is able to direct students through restrictions in body, mind, and spirit. She assists students to feel their way through the postures to embrace what is on the other side of the process.

Carmela's artist sensibility permeates her approach to the body as a work of art in progress. Her focus in art-making and yoga is to create balance and vitality in form. The disciplines of painting and yoga came into her life simultaneously. “If one color or shape doesn't work,” says Carmela, “or if you don't have the skill to execute your vision, then change the shape to accommodate your organic process. In this way, you can be your own authority during your yoga practice.”



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