Prenatal Yoga Training


New Session starts January 7, 2019

There will be a zoom meeting (Q & A and discussion about the modules) on

Tuesday, January 22 at 2 pm


Supporting yoga teachers and fitness professionals to teach pregnant women effectively.


With Carmela Cattuti, LPN, Kripalu Certified Instructor

expert prenatal yoga teacher and former labor and delivery nurse.


Teaching prenatal yoga has been my passion for twenty years. I am excited to share my experience and knowledge base with teachers all over the planet. Pregnancy is not a pathology, it is a process. It is a journey that requires fluidity and focus. This program assists yoga instructors, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, and prenatal massage therapists to empower pregnant women through this journey. If you are ready to expand your practice and become known for your expertise in prenatal yoga, or you just want to know how to serve pregnant women as an expert, then this program is for you!


What People are saying about Prenatal Yoga Training


The Online Prenatal Training was fantastic from start to finish -- and with the continued connection that Carmela provides, there really is no end to the support and learning one gets as part of this training. Each module is presented in several formats-- audio, video, photos, and written material to ensure that no matter your learning style, you will have a clear grasp of all the information covered. Carmela is an expert teacher, nurse, and yogini who knows how to distill complex information into manageable chunks for easy retention. There is plenty of material to refer back to as needed, as well. The course covers safe yoga sequences for all stages of pregnancy as well as the postpartum period, so you can confidently teach even a multilevel course with participants in different trimesters. I highly recommend this training!


Jacqueline Demeri, yoga teacher and author of Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals, currently available on Amazon.



Extremely well put! I couldn't have said it better. Carmela was awesome.


JoAnn Sosa, owner of Synergy Yoga Ocala, Fl.

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Prenatal Yoga Training